Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Gallery #2: Franky!

This is my interpretation of Mary Shelly's timeless character, Frankenstein's Monster! In trying to put my own twists on the classic creature, I decided to use multiple skin colors and emphasize the stitching to give him a truly "patched together" look. I also made sure the facial features are quite different from one patch of face to the next. I've also added more metal parts, to explore his sci-fi nature.

The big challenge here was making sure "Franky" was recognizable as Frankenstein's monster, but not a direct rip-off of Universal's classic design (apparently they're kinda touchy about that). My "Franky" doesn't have Universal's protruding forehead or forehead scar. It has wrinkles, but that's it. Also, he doesn't really have a flat head, but rather a spiky "flat-top" hairstyle, so I think I'm safe.

Original Pencils
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