Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Amusing Tales #1: Now on Comixology!

For those who prefer to read their comics digitally, Amusing Tales #1 is now available in a guided view digital format on Comixology for $2.99!

Also, Issue #2 is finally available on IndyPlanet (I checked. It's really there this time).

So, for anyone interested in my fine publication, don't be shy. It's easier than ever to order a copy.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Amusing Tales #2 Now Available! (For Real This Time!)

It took awhile, but I finally completed the second issue of Amusing Tales. This one comes in at a whopping 36 pages!

This issue contains more short stories including.

It is now available in printed form  for $4.99 at IndyPlanet, where the first issue  is also still available. And, that first issue will soon also be available in digital form at Comixology for those who prefer it that way. 

EDIT: I thought it would be available by now but I forgot how long it takes for these things to be processed (my fault). Please forgive the delay.

EDIT: It's available now.
Anyway, stay tuned to this site for more updates, and happy reading!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Coming soon...

Amusing Tales #2 comes out this weekend (if I can get online), and new webcomics follow soon after...

Don't miss it!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Just some friendly updates.

Yes, I know it's been almost a year since I posted anything. But, I had some personal problems come up about a year ago, and some technical difficulties that made it very hard to post. But, I've been working on lots of content (and not just Halloween Drawings) so I'll soon have this site more active than it's been in a long long time.

Unfortunately, those technical difficulties are that I don't currently have internet at home, haven't for months now, and right now I'm posting from a library. So, that's one of the reasons I haven't been active online too much these days. But, here's some news.

  • This year my only Halloween entry is a 5 page comic. Check back here on Halloween for Butcher Bill's Barbecue of Horrors!
  • The Voice Audition is still going on! And, I've added more info about the characters to hopefully make it easier for people who wish to audition, but didn't feel they had enough info.
  • New Box-Bot Boogie strips are in the works, and I have a special 23 page comic as well that starts in November. Don't miss it!
  • Amusing Tales #1 is back for sale at IndyPlanet I sorted out the problems that had it taken off and now it's available again. Also, Issue #2 should be out within the next month!
  • I'm working on a new big comics project. No info yet, but it's going to be big.
So, while I haven't been updating this year. Suffice to say that 2017 is going to be a good full year for Studio Snowlion. So stay tuned!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Gallery #11: Lord Necron

Right back at you with another Halloween drawing. This one featuring the vampire nobleman, Lord Necron as seen in this comic.

This is another one where I tried something new in Photoshop. I actually didn't ink this drawing at all. Once I drew the pencils, I just used Photoshop levels to darken the lines and the "stamp" filter to smooth them out. I think it worked great for the backgrounds, but on the character I kind of missed all the varied line-weights I get inking with the brush tool. But, it didn't seem to matter too much once the colors were added.

Speaking of colors, this is another one where I tried to do more with background painting to try to get more of a painted animation background look with more contrast between character and background. I think I did a better job this time so don't be surprised if this is the "look" of my backgrounds from now on.

Hope you like it, and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Gallery #10: Invaders From The Stars!

Halloween is almost here, and I have a few more treats for you all (one might even be posted a little after Halloween, but I like to hold it over for a day anyway). Being in a Sci-Fi B-horror mood this year, I present to you this...

From a distant planet, these invaders attack! Laying waste to our meager planet in honor of their hive queen!

This one was something of a challenge, as I was experimenting with a more textured look to the background as well as just using the pencil line, much like certain styles of animation background. I'm not really sure I pulled it off, and I welcome anyone with tips on how to do it better next time, but at least I tried something new. Overall though, I'm happy with how this turned out, and I had fun making this.