Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's here!

It's finally here...
Amusing Tales #1Available here
After a long wait, the first issue of Amusing Tales is finally available for sale at Indy Planet. This new comic book series is a "variety pack of sorts, a collection of short comics, strips, and illustrations, some from the site and some brand new. This issue includes...
  • Part 1 of Two Moons Over a Phantom Planet: an adventure story about a space explorer lost on a faraway planet.
  • The Origin of Captain Super Atomic Man: The first installment of my new Superhero satire series.
  • A Collection of Box Bot Boogie strips.
  • My Halloween comic: A Sweet Defeat.
  • Images from my Halloween Gallery.
This book is available at Indy-Planet for $4.50 for the printed book, or $1.49 for the "e-book". If you're interested in buying it just Click Here!