Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Convention Announcement

Hello everyone! I know I haven't posted in a couple months, but I have a couple big announcements.

First of all, this Saturday I'll be at Nippon-Con, in the artist alley. Where I'll be selling prints of my Box-Bot Boogie comics, and  something special...

Dammit, I just realized it should be "Sneak peek". Too late now, it's printed
  This brings me to my second announcement, a new comic book series, Amusing Tales. It's an anthology comic with each issue containing new chapters of some running series, and a few stand-alone stories. It's still in the works right now, but for only $0.75 Nippon-Con goers will be able to buy this special "sneak peak" mini-comic! This is a special preview featuring two new stories.

 So if you can make it to McDaniel College in Westminster MD this Saturday, make sure to come by my table and check it out!