Thursday, August 27, 2015

Voice Acting Audition!

Update: This is still going on! Don't be afraid to send in your recordings. And, in case you needed more info, I've added character bios, below. Check them out!

It's finally time. I've got two new animated projects in the works and for the first time I'll need spoken dialogue. So, I'm pleased to announce my first voice acting audition.

Here's how it will work. Post a short video (or audio clip) of yourself to the Studio Snowlion Facebook Page. You can upload it directly or post a link to another video or audio site (Youtube, Newgrounds, etc.). Or, post the link in the comments below.

It doesn't have to be fancy or high quality. You can even just use your cellphone. I just need a video or audio recording of you acting out one of the parts from the sample scene below.

In this video, please let me know who you are (if I don't already know you), and which character you're reading for. You might need someone to read the other parts with you, or you and a friend can audition together (let me know if that's the case). Then, act out that character's dialogue in this sample scene:

Here's some info about these characters...

 Frederick (see here): He's kind of uptight, and a bit of a worry-wart, though a lot of that comes from living with Zoki. He and Zoki are working at this burger-joint because they desperately need the money to pay the legal fees to pay off the crooked lawyer that got them out of the trouble Zoki got them into. Kind of mad at Zoki lately for all the trouble he's caused.

Zoki (see here): Mischievous and impulsive, and a ruthless prankster. Tries to protect his friend Frederick, but often causes more problems than he solves. Has no concept of consequences and pretty much does and says what he wants whenever he wants to (which is often something crazy).

Soccer Mom: The spoiled trophy-wife of a rich executive. Very concerned about appearances and trends. Very used to getting her way due to her looks and wealth. Not used to hearing "no", and considers herself far above anybody in a "lowly" service job. Since having a kid she's gone out of her way to spoil him more rotten than even herself.

Kid: Just a spoiled bratty kid who doesn't understand "no".


Frederick is yelling at Zoki behind the counter. The few
customers left look shocked and horrified.

          I can't believe you did that.

          What? Stuck up for you?

          You're lucky that jerk survived!
          Are you trying to land is in jail?!

          Well, maybe not exactly trying... I
          mean it would be kind of impressive
          in a strange way, wouldn't it?

          Are you serious?! This is exactly
          the kind of crap that got us here!

          Well, excuse me for sticking up for
          my friend. Maybe I should have told
          the boss about that guy, instead.

          Don't even joke about that.

A SOCCER MOM and a kid in a soccer uniform storms into the
place. She is holding a Burger Nation bag.

                      SOCCER MOM
          Excuse me! But, this Fun-Meal did
          not come with a Texty-buddy as
          advertised! Now my child is already
          late for soccer practice and he
          wants his toy!

                (kicking counter
          I want my toy!

                      SOCCER MOM
          Quiet sweetie. Now are you going to
          give us the toy that comes with
          this meal?

          So, you're saying you want to order
          a King Klown Fun-Meal?
          Kid, stop kicking the counter!

                      SOCCER MOM
          Do not tell my child what to do!

                (still kicking counter)
          Don't tell me what to do!

                      SOCCER MOM
          Quiet sweetie. No, I want the toy
          that's supposed to come with this
          meal! We never got it!

Frederick and Zoki share a look of disbelief.

          That's not even one of our meals.
          You'd have to go to Burger Nation
          for that.

                      SOCCER MOM
          I am not stupid! Do not talk to me
          like I'm stupid.

          I can't just give you a free toy
          because you thought you'd get one
          from another restaurant.

                      SOCCER MOM
          Unbelievable! That's it! I'm
          calling the police!

The Soccer Mom pulls out her cellphone and calls the police.
A disclaimer at the bottom of the screen flashes "People
have actually done this".

If you're reading for the Soccer Mom (or the kid), you can skip the parts before she shows up. Also, there are more parts than these, but this should give me an idea of what you got.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing your audition videos. See you soon.

Edit: It's December now, and this is still going on! I need more audition entries. If your interested please follow the directions and send me your clip!